Two Recent Releases

Happy 2013! In the whirlwind of the holidays and the end of the year, we neglected to tell everyone about two titles that we released at the end of November! Since our slate of releases doesn’t pick back up until February what better time than now to talk about them?

In honor of Claude Debussy‘s 150th birthday, we present a 4-CD collection of Debussy’s Complete Piano Works. This critically acclaimed set features master pianist Martino Tirimo playing the entire cycle of Debussy’s compositions for piano. Gramophone writes that Tirimo’s performance ‘may yet prove o the one of the finest Debussy cycles on record,” and the Penguin Guide says that this set is “probably the first choice for those wanting a modern digital recording offering the complete set.” This set is a must-have for a music collection, an excellent reference collection in one package.

In 1992, Henryk Gorecki‘s Symphony No. 3 suddenly became a worldwide phenomenon, 20 years after he had written the work. This is especially astonishing considering that the texts which are sung in the work are all in Polish. Regardless, there is something in the words and music which found particular resonance, as the prayer-like piece transcends the limitations of language. The three movements of the symphony all relate to the theme of mother and child and are beset with deep sorrow: he first is Mary’s anguish over her son Jesus; the second movement are inspired by an inscription on a Gestapo prison wall, a teenage girl’s final words to her mother; lastly, the third movement is the lament of a mother who has lost her son in the Silesian Uprisings for Polish independence. The power of these works is universal, and the refined composition is modern without being dissonant. This remains one of the best-selling pieces of classical music, and while the phenomenon has faded the beauty of the symphony has not.

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