The Very Best of Kathleen Ferrier Centenary Collection

Klever Kaff turns 100!

One of the most iconic and beloved voices of all time, English contralto Kathleen Ferrier tragically died at the height of her fame at age 41. This collection of the occasion of her 100th birthday combines 21 of her finest performances with one short interview with ‘Klever Kaff’ from 1950. An absolute delight for all listeners and an excellent value.

“’Klever Kaff’ or ‘The Lass from Blackburn’ – originally a telephonist then pianist who yearned to sing – combined two things: the personality to communicate with the widest audience, and encourage them in great music, with world-class artistic quality.  Bruno Walter, Mahler’s pupil, said: ‘The greatest thing in music in my life has been to have known Kathleen Ferrier and Gustav Mahler-in that order.’” (MusicalMerit)