Schubert: Octet; Quartettsatz; Vienna Dances

Scubert chamber favorites

Works on this album:
Octet in F Major
Quartettsatz in C Minor
Grätzer Galop
Ecossaisen: Galop
Tänze (from Ops. 9, 18, 67, 77, 127)
Ecossaisen, Op. 49

“Gloriously warm-hearted and sparkling account of the Octet… Great charm, high spirits, bucolic in their joy…  Demonstration sound quality.”
(Penguin Guide Rosette)

“Ever since the Boskovsky Ensemble‘s delightful series of recordings for Vanguard, there has been a continuing interest in trying to recreate the sort of small ensemble found playing in a Viennese cafe in the mid-19th century.”

Not Available in the United States