Remembering Roger Ebert

“It’s not what a movie is about, it’s how it is about it.”

Film critic Robert Ebert passed away this week at age 70, after a decade-long battle with thyroid cancer. The chief film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times for an astounding 45 years, he was best known nationally for his weekly film review shows, most notably his long-running collaboration with rival critic Gene Siskel.

In this space we rarely venture beyond the realm of music, but Roger Ebert understood and often commented on the vital aspect of music in cinema, particularly in his essential series of books The Great Movies, vols. I-III. Music is one of the tools used by filmmakers in their craft, and the right piece of music can fix a movie or scene in the viewer’s mind or even the public consciousness. If film is the great art form of the twentieth century (and now the twenty-first), then it is only right that many of the finest and best-remembered compositions would come from film.

One of the Great Movies which Ebert praised is The Godfather. Please take a listen to this thrilling recording of the Royal Philhamonic Orchestra and Carl Davis performing The Godfather Theme, written by Academy Award-winning composer Nino Rota. This piece and 18 other classic film themes are available on CD and MP3 download on our album Movie Magic: Epics & Westerns.

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