Novak: In the Tatras; South Bohemian Suite; Eight Nocturnes

Czech Neo-Romantic masterpieces

One of the earliest figures of Czech modernism, Vítezslav Novak studied under both Antonin Dvorak and Karel Stecker at the Prague Conservatory before his own compositions right at the turn of the twentieth century demonstrated that he would follow his own path as a composer. He would combine the nationalist and folkloristic elements of his forbears with a growing sense of modernism in his compositions. This compilation features three of his greatest works: In the Tatras, a monumental orchestral suite based on Slovak themes and ‘set’ in the Tatras Mountains in the Carpathian chain; the sweeping nationalistic South Bohemian Suite; and Eight Nocturnes for Voice & Orchestra, which feature the remarkable soprano Daniela Strakova whose delightful voice carries the listener through Novak’s sweeping landscapes of sound. Douglas Bostock and the Carlsbad Symphony Orchestra are at complete ease and control in these enchanting but too-little-known works.