MusicWeb reviews Joan Sutherland: Rare Broadcasts

Our friends at MusicWeb International often review Musical Concepts and Alto titles. They recently featured a review of our Joan Sutherland Rare Broadcasts album, a collection of 14 exquisite tracks recorded by La Stupenda between 1956 and 1960. These recordings have rarely been heard and have never been issued on CD or digital download until now. Stephen Francis Vasta of MusicWeb gives a very erudite review of this collection. One selection:

“The lively, refreshing Exsultate, jubilate [by Mozart], a piece Sutherland didn’t record commercially, shows us the capabilities of this kind of voice. The piece has received many fine recordings… but you rarely hear it sung so easily and freely, or with such bright, clear, full-bodied tone. Nor is the singing merely mechanical, or inexpressive. The phrasing is deft and shapely in the outer movements… and the central Tu virginum corona is serene. [Conductor] Alberto Erede‘s affectionate big-orchestra framework affords Sutherland solid cantabile support.”

You can read the whole review by clicking here, and please listen to the closing Alleluia excerpt below.

Click here for complete track listing, more reviews, and information on how to find this collection