Mozart: Complete Variations and Other Works for Solo Piano

First time on CD from the Vox archives: Mozart’s wittiest flights of fancy for piano

An outstanding reference collection of Mozart‘s solo piano music (excluding the sonatas), performed by the legendary Walter Klien, awardee of multiple Penguin Guide Rosettes.

Mozart’s solo piano works (non Sonatas) are significantly more than a collection of elegant parlour pieces. They also express a surprisingly wide and powerful spectrum of emotions, employ numerous forms and to listen to these works is a miniature but eloquent snapshot of Mozart’s life and output. Simple elegance imbues all of them while some also show astounding audacity in chromatic harmonies and large scale counterpoint. Renowned Mozartian Walter Klien (1928-1991) established himself as an exponent second to none. His recordings of Mozart Sonatas and Concerti have been continuously available and in constant demand since they were made. These recordings are presented here on CD for the first time.