GLINKA: Kamarinskaya; Orchestral Dances

Seminal Russian dance music from the 19th century

Nearly 80 minutes of Russian-sourced dance music by Mikhail Glinka and all in vivacious, colourful and spatially well-upholstered recordings. Stunning ballet, dance, and other uplifting pieces performed by the Soviet-era Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra and led by luminary Russian conductors. Pointedly delicate, airily danceable and charming music. Kamarinskaya is of course the most well-known and a hugely influential work – Tchaikovsky wrote that the “Russian symphonic school is all in Kamarinskaya, just as the whole oak is contained in the acorn.”

Dances from Ruslan and Lyudmila
Dance for Oboe and Orchestra
Andante Cantabile & Rondo
Majestic Polonaise
Dances from Ivan Susanin