Carlos Bonell’s Private Collection

Sixteen Spanish guitar favorites from Master Bonell

World-renown guitarist Carlos Bonell returns with a collection of sixteen Spanish and South American guitar classics from his “private collection.”

“The music on this CD contains some of the best known and best loved pieces for the guitar. They are pieces that I return to, again and again, not just for my recitals, but also in private, for my own pleasure and enjoyment. All of the music is by Spanish and Latin American composers and this is not surprising because it is there that the guitar has established its firmest roots. Much of it reflects folk and popular music, some of it is intensely romantic and all of it exploits the magical sound-world of the guitar. Such is the beauty of this sound that some of the pieces on this CD have an emotional depth almost entirely due to this quality: “the miniature orchestra” that the great Andres Segovia referred to can be heard resonating through almost all of these pieces in the unique range of tones and colours that is the guitar.”
Carlos Bonell