Brendel/Beethoven recordings now available

An exquisite set of recordings from the Vox archives, Alfred Brendel (b. 1931) playing the Complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas has been highly sought by collectors for decades. First issued by Vox in the 1960s, this cycle captures a youthful Brendel performing one of his signature cycles. These recordings would become legendary as Brendel’s fame continued to grow throughout his very lengthy and illustrious career, and the original vinyl LPs are to this day coveted collectors items.

This complete set of Beethoven piano sonatas has been digitally remastered for the highest sound quality. This is a reference-quality edition for all collections, and is available in one collection for the first time ever as a digital download. Please click on the links below to visit our vendor partners, or on the cover image above to go to our catalogue page.