Baroque Bohemia & Beyond VII: “Winter Season”

Chamber masterpieces from the dawn of the Classical era

The seventh installment in our series dedicated to the composers – many of whom are little-known and rarely heard – who laid the groundwork for the Classical era.  Baroque-era Bohemia (the modern day Czech Republic, roughly) was an important hotbed of music innovation and talent, and the Baroque Bohemia & Beyond series explores this extremely rare repertoire to present many world premiere recordings and other pieces that have never appeared on CD.  This album features music of the winter and Christmas seasons.

Works on this album:
Jan Krtitel KucharPastorella in D Major
Jan Vaclav StamicSinfonia Pastorale, Op. 4, No. 2
Josef Seger – Fugue De Tempore Natalis
Josef Seger – Fugue Christ the Lord was Born
Jan HatasParthia Pastoritia in D Major
Frantisek Antonin Rossler-RosettiSinfonia Pastoralis
WeissmannPastorella in F Major
Jiri Ignac LinekSinfonia Pastoralis in C Major
Jiri Ignac LinekPastorela per Clavicembalo Concerto
Michel CorretteNouveau Livre de Noëls