Andrés Segovia – Maestro

The master of classical guitar

One of the most influential guitarists of the twentieth century and one of the finest practicians to ever hold the instrument, Andrés Segovia not only played works written for guitar but also transcribed and adapted numerous classical works originally written for other instruments.  This masterful collection spans nearly 500 years of music, from Luis de Milán and Josef Haydn to his contemporaries Ponce, Torroba and Castelnuovo-Tedesco. A must have for guitar lovers and collectors.

“Segovia was in his 95th year when he died in 1987. By then he had become the most famous guitarist of his day and had been responsible for enhancing both the status and the repertoire of the guitar immeasurably. He was touring and playing right up to the end and gave his last recital in April 1987 at Miami Beach only a month before his death.” (Peter Avis)