Alfred Deller: The Complete Vanguard Recordings Volume 5 — English, French and Italian Madrigals

All of the Deller Consort’s groundbreaking madrigal recordings — available for the first time in a single volume

Musical Concepts is pleased to announce the fifth volume in one of the most ambitious early music reissue projects of all time — Alfred Deller: The Complete Vanguard Recordings. The series brings together every recording made by Alfred Deller – as solo countertenor, ensemble member of the Deller Consort, and conductor – for the legendary, enterprising Vanguard record label. These recordings created a sensation with their initial release, and have influenced and inspired three generations of music lovers, from casual listeners to the top tiers of performing artists and scholars.

The madrigal became a beloved specialty of The Deller Consort, and their recordings were arguably the most influential factor in the revival in popularity of the a cappella repertoire that flourished in the late Renaissance and the dawn of the Baroque era. This collection marks the first time that all of the madrigals recorded by Alfred Deller and The Deller Consort are available in one comprehensive set. From the sacred madrigals of Gesualdo and Monteverdi to the well-sung delights of the English springtime as written by Morley and Willbye, English, French and Italian Madrigals is indispensable. Though each madrigal is humble in ambition, when listened to as a part of this 6 CD set, Alfred Deller and The Deller Consort’s contribution to the enduring popularity of the art form is unmistakable.

  • Madrigals of Thomas Morley
  • Madrigals of John Wilbye
  • The English Madrigal School, Volumes 1 & 2
  • The Silver Swan
  • Madrigal Masterpieces, Volumes 1 & 2
  • Monteverdi: Madrigali Amorosi
  • Lamento d’Arianna